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Large Global Research Organization

One of our large, global clients wanted a regional, stable technical staffing firm to manage all hiring requirements through their system. This organization had a very large hiring volume and wanted Aavalar to service that high volume. We responded to the RFQ and were chosen – because we were the best viable option out of many other strong competitors. Aavalar helped our client hire talent, achieve margin reduction, and lower costs associated with sourcing and hiring talent. Key performance metrics included: progress tracking, number submittals to open requests, interviews vs. candidate starts – and also included monthly scorecards.

National Financial Services Firm

Our client, a large national financial services firm, needed to staff up the organization through technical IT contractors, IT consultants and IT Direct Placment services. They came to Aavalar for very specific technical resources to support their development lifecycle. These niche skills were hard-to-find, and hard-to-fill because our clients’ requirements were highly specific in nature. Aavalar serviced this client for well over a decade, and this relationship has been successful and is still ongoing. We’ve placed well over 25 skilled IT contractors with this client and have successfully maintained a high retention rate with more than 50% submittal to start rate. Key performance metrics include: number submittals to open requests, interviews vs. candidate starts.