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UI Developer for Infrastructure Automation - #JY212058129

29 January 2018


 January 29, 2018

This is a great opportunity for programmers / software engineer out there who are interested in IT infrastructure and DevOps and who have some experience building application frontends, dashboards, etc. In this particular situation the front end / UI will be developing on top of existing automation tools and technologies.

We are looking to build a team for one of our clients that can automate their current processes to scale as they grow. That means folks who grew up in the latest greatest technologies with no ties to the “legacy” coding world of days gone by. We’re looking for free thinkers who want to challenge existing methods and lead the way to better, faster, more efficient ways to automate processes.

The ideal candidate will be a passionate web UI developer to create a modern application using client-side scripting, webservices/RESTful services and SOA.

Basically we’re looking for highly skilled Front-end Developer with the following
• Expertise and past experience in Angular and/or ReactJS
• Self-starter with the ability to operate in a fast-paced environment.
• The ability to work independently and get input from a cross functional team focused in infrastructure technologies.
• Expertise in cloud technologies is a plus.

A qualified candidate would have substantial experience with all relevant technology. The candidate will be working with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, jQuery, bootstrap, express.js and webservices. Knowledge of using design applications and creating aesthetically pleasing application interfaces would be beneficial for this role. Should be able to work independently on UI frontend, builds wireframes, prototypes and backend to deliver data using RESTful services in JSON/XML format. This role is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to be a part of designing and building a new application from the ground up that sources information from backend infrastructure like servers and databases.

We’re looking to be super flexible and creative with these roles some things to keep in mind if you think you are interested.
• We are NOT looking for a set number of years of experience.
• We ARE looking for personable, coachable type of folks who are excited about problem solving regardless of the problem types.
• We ARE looking for sound fundamentals and desire to operate in the infrastructure technology space and are active in the up and coming DevOps technologies & cloud technologies

Position Title: UI Developer for Infrastructure Automation

Work Location: Suburbs of Philadelphia

Is Telecommuting possible? Probably not

Work environment: A pretty unique office/data center combination with easy access to major highways, free parking and plenty of nearby apartments for those who are working away from home.

Who does this position will report to?: Director of Technical Services

Why is there a need for a candidate? Increased workload… Need programmers who understand the latest greatest programming languages, frameworks, tools, techniques, etc.

What is the start date?: ASAP

What is the size of department?: TBD

What projects will the candidate be involved with?:
• Ongoing design and implementation of user interface, dashboards, etc. for infrastructure solutions
• Gathering requirements from cross functional teams within the infrastructure and devops space
• Mentoring of team members who are less familiar with automation and cloud technology
• Design and implement user interface and dashboards which will be the front end for automation technologies.
• Lifecycle management of system and UI components.
• Analyze production environment to detect critical deficiencies and recommend solutions for improvement.
• Work with the Information Security, Compliance and Business Continuity teams to ensure systems are hardened and in compliance with the Corporate and Regulatory guidelines.

Role with the group: User Interface Specialist

Required Qualifications:
• Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, libraries, including jQuery
• Extensive hands on experience in React.js, Node.js and Express.js
• Must have developed RESTful services using Express.js/Node.js in at least 2 recent projects.
• Experience with Web services API integration (Rest, JSON, XML) and build out lightweight aggregation layers
• Knowledge of testing frameworks for unit and integration testing UI is desirable.
• Understanding of general user experience and UI design principles.

Required skills:
• JavaScript, React.js, Node.js (Koa, Express, GraphQL)
• Redux, JQuery, Bootstrap
• Modern dev tools, including TypeScript, Flow, and Webpack
• HTTP5, CSS3, REST, WebSockets, and GraphQL fundamentals
• Git, GitHub

Work Hours and Schedule:
• Pretty standard core hours with some flexibility

Is there travel involved? Maybe some local travel but nothing significant.

Dress Code: Casual / Biz Casual

Target Salary: TBD… Gotta be competitive

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