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What Our Clients Says

  • The domain knowledge that your consultants bring to the table clearly sets you apart...

    Dade Behring, Read the case study

  • Aavalar has always "hit the mark" by providing the right skill set, in a very timely fashion, at competitive rates.

    Dupont, Read the case study

  • You flew him in and he was even better than I could have hoped for...Overall, he was one of the finest ...

    Eclipsys Corporation, Read the case study

  • "When we contacted you, you provided the consultants that we needed quickly and at a competitive rate."

    ITT Exelis, Read the case study

  • Partnering with Aavalar has helped our team to achieve our strategic and aggressive development initiatives.  

    SEI, Read the case study

  • We needed an effective solution for our resource gap and by partnering with Aavalar Consulting, we have been able to keep our project timeline in check.

    Home Lending Organization

  • Because of their years of experience and expertise in finding the right fit for their client's needs, Aavalar has been able to provide us with best-in-class consultants for our projects.

    Large Consumer Lender

  • From the initial sales call to their helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff, our experience with Aavalar Consulting confirms to us that we've partnered with true leaders in the staff augmentation industry.

    Large Commercial Bank

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