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Problems We Solve

Our project is too large for our current staff to complete and I want to add contractors to our existing team.

I want to enhance the knowledge base of our organization or project team and we need an interim leader to lead and manage us forward.

I need to limit the likelihood of costly project over-runs and want to add the right consultant in the right place during a critical period of time.

I want to create a dedicated team to support a specific product or solution like a blood analysis system or wealth management platform.

I want to create a dedicated team built around a specific hard-to-find technology, program, or system.

We are required to keep our head count down, but we need additional skills to meet our deadline.

We want to develop and launch or ship on time. We need to hire someone to help us move faster to market.

I want to create a dedicated team built around a certain job function such as Quality Assurance, Financial Analysis or Information Management.

We recently migrated a large group of professionals to a new location. I want to built a transitional staff.

I want to augment our existing staff with an additional professional to provide coverage for someone who is out on leave.

We are missing a specific technical skill for an important project. We want someone to provide this skill coverage.

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