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Statement of Work

We provide Statement of Work services to mid-size and Fortune 500 clients.

Statement-of-work (SOW) contracting delivers additional value by giving employers the ability to bring contract workers onto a new or on-going project. Bringing in outside talent for projects that require specialized talent can be one of the most cost-effective ways to get a job done. Our SOW services are designed to provide extra visibility and consistency with your projects, timelines and pricing of your consultants.

Few companies have the internal resources to handle special non-recurring situations and complex projects all on their own. Our consultants and contractors have experience as project managers and project leads and can help you meet your staffing needs. Whether you need one consultant or project manager to supplement your team, or an entirely new team to manage an engagement from end to end, Aavalar can help you meet your needs.

Need a built in safety net? Our Guarantee is tailor made for you. Within 20 hours of our conversation, we'll provide the perfect consultant to you for 20 billable hours. You aren't obligated to pay a dime unless you approve performance and extend the contract.

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