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Our track record since 1999, combined with our deep experience and proven approach, makes Aavalar Consulting the choice for over 100 of the most innovative midsize, large and Fortune 500 clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. Below are just a few of the companies we've served over the years:

Healthcare and Medical Technology

The domain knowledge that your consultants bring to the table clearly sets you apart...

Financial Services

Partnering with Aavalar has helped our team to achieve our strategic and aggressive development initiatives.

Chemicals and Manufacturing

Aavalar has always "hit the mark" by providing the right skill set, in a very timely fashion, at competitive rates.

Aerospace and Defense

"When we contacted you, you provided the consultants that we needed quickly and at a competitive rate."

Consumer and Commercial Banking

Because of their years of experience and expertise in finding the right fit for their client's needs, Aavalar has been able to provide us with best-in-class consultants for our projects.