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Referral Bonus Program


#1 – New Talent Referral

Check out the Aavalar Consulting Referral Program….

It has been established to compensate individuals who refer skilled professionals who may be interested in consulting or contract-to-hire opportunities with Aavalar or direct hire opportunities with our clients.

The program will pay you $1000 for this first hire and $1500 for the second and subsequent hires for Any people you refer who are hired by Aavalar or who are placed directly by Aavalar at one of our clients. The referral fee will be paid for anyone you refer within 12 months of referral. A referral can be as simple as providing us with a name and some basic contact information, or a resume if you prefer. We would not pay a referral fee if we already have someone you refer “in play” (presented to, interviewing with, already working at, etc.) with one of our clients.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to working with you!

*** If you refer sales people and recruiters who have the right experience we’ll pay the same referral fee if we hire them ***

How to Register Your Referrals

To receive credit for your referral, you must either call or email the candidate’s name and/or contact information.

Visit the job openings section on our website, or our corporate blog, or our LinkedIn page, to see if your referral is a fit for any of our active openings.

Start Referring Today!

We are excited about the many career opportunities available through Aavalar Consulting offices nationwide. We hope to hear from you soon about who you believe would benefit from joining our growing network of talented people.


#2 – New Business Bonus ($1,500 / $750)

The New Business Referral Bonus rewards Aavalar Consulting contractors for their efforts in identifying and referring viable new business opportunities to Aavalar Consulting.

Who Is Eligible

Any Aavalar Consulting contractor or candidate, whether currently billing or not.

What You Can Earn

A qualified sales lead that results in a contract placement for a minimum of 240 hours or a permanent placement hired for the entire guarantee period. A simple referral can earn you a bonus* of $1500 for a placement into a brand new account and $750 for a placement that occurs with a new hiring manager with an existing account.

How to Register Your New Business Leads with Us

All sales leads must be submitted to the Aavalar Consulting office by email, or through our contact us form, so that we have the lead in writing.

All submitted leads must include the client/prospect company’s name, hiring manager name, contact information and general nature of staffing need.

Send Your Leads Today!

We hope to hear from you soon about the businesses you believe would benefit from getting involved in our growing network of customers. Send us your leads, and Aavalar Consulting will gladly reward you for any new business secured as a result of your efforts!

*The bonus amount will be paid after 240 hours have been billed or the guarantee period has been met, providing that the referred candidate is actively employed with Aavalar Consulting’s client. The sales lead must not have been previously entered in the Aavalar Consulting internal database. If more than one Aavalar contractor or friend refers the same sales lead, then the first person to make the referral will receive the bonus.