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Our Guarantee

Guaranteed Performance for 20 hours. Or you don't pay.

Current industry metrics show that the average company will spend over 37 hours reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, doing reference checking, etc. If your average management cost is estimated at $800 per day ($100 per hour), it will cost your company around $3700 to hire a consultant - even when that consultant is presented by a staffing or consulting company. And if you go it alone, the costs can be as high as $20,000, without the help of an outside firm.

If, after the first 20 hours of work, you are not completely satisfied, there is no charge, and the consultant is replaced. If you approve the first 20 hours of work, Aavalar bills the client for those first 20 hours and the consultant remains on contract or is converted to a full-time employee at the pre-defined fee. This way, the company gets the perfect consultant for the position, putting an end to the draining cycle of interviews and recruiting costs -- finally!

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